The Principles and Values of our Ethical Code


An ethical code is a series of directives that aim to establish desirable conduct for the members of a specific group, association or profession. The word “ethical” comes from the Greek word ethikos, which means “character”.

The essence and character of Maat Quality involves a pursuit of excellence, cooperation and development, which is shared with the numerous interest groups that we deal with:

  • Clients o Usuarios del servicio
  • Service suppliers
  • Staff, colleagues, and workers
  • External partners
  • Competing or alternative companies

These relationships are and must be honest, loyal, respectful and ethical, as all of these interest groups are key in the divulgation, maintenance and development of the image of Maat Quality.

Commitment to quality

based on self-discipline and our interest in excellence.

Focus on client satisfaction

providing a rapid service with a comprehensive follow-up service, from start to finish.


Win-win cooperation strategies

based on clear communications and an interest in establishing beneficial synergies for both companies.

Equal treatment for our distributors

taking purchasing decisions based on product quality, supply costs and supplier conduct with respect to the environment and society.

Fair and constructive competition

with other companies in the sector, we outline differences using truth and fact-based arguments, without falsification, extolling our own services, without damaging or denigrating the competition, with an open and cooperative attitude.

Respect for the environment

Committed to the sustainable development of the company, minimising pollution.

Safety and health at work

fulfilling the instructions of the Head of Risks at Work and making use of personal protection devices.

The future of decentralized sharing economy

We believe in the value of collaboration between companies, based on projects and investments with the vision of a shared economy of next generation.

ODYSSEY aims to reduce the overall operating cost, increase the efficiency of the market and increase the return on investment of the suppliers of products and services in the global exchange economy.

  • Decentralized and Minimum Transaction Cost
  • Open Source and Scalable
  • Easier Monetization
  • Quicker Transactions without payment barriers

Internal Cooperation Values

Maat is the name of Greek god who represented justice, balance and harmony. We keep to these values with integrity, responsibility, professionalism, respect, transparency and honesty.

Quality. Our slogan: Excellence in quality.

These values of justice, balance and harmony are the source of our inspiration. Our aims and existence arise from uniting our constant search for excellence in quality: a healthy relationship with all groups of interest with the aim of establishing paths of common cooperation and development.

“The path to success is like a marathon: Although we find ourselves competing in this race, struggling to achieve a single and legitimate aim, we must prepare for it together, so that everyone ends up benefitting from the efforts made”
David Porto. Maat Quality director.