6 additional sections to laser cutting and folding production

Small things mean big responsibilities

Optimum exclusivity!

The new systems developed by our R&D&I Department (Research, Development and Innovation), make our products totally exclusive.

Invest with us make for an assured, easier path to success.


Lovers of Stainless Steel

Resistance Welded Products

Purchase your welded parts with minimum deformation and optimum resistance.

Resistance welding using Needle point System.


Pressure inserts using unique equipment designed by our R+D+I Department, with multiple and exclusive product options.

Inserts with Standard or Developed System.

Riveted Products

Inserts with top-range pneumatic pistols with automatic adjustment.

Speed and optimum precision in all sizes.

Hermetic System, applied at a later stage for optimum sealing, if required.

Stud Welded Products

Welds with minimum deformations on the rear surface (normally the exposed part)).

With Compensated Circular Welding System.

With Anchoring System, for stud location precision.

Clean Combustion System for clean parts, without weld splatter.

All studs used are manufactured in Germany.

Threaded Products

Products threaded with crystallised anti-wear tool.
Thread guarantee – quality assurance from materials and treatments used with the machining tool.

Anti-breakage threads, with high-speed return. Anchoring System for Multiple Threads.

Savings in machine costs.

Options – prior to thread machining:
– Without pre-countersinking.
– With pre-countersinking on the upper part.
– With pre-countersinking on the lower part.
– With pre-countersinking on both parts.


We guarantee circular machining specifications in both appearance and depth.

Standard countersinking without head protrusion.

Special bi-directional, custom countersinking.

Contactless System, to protect the part from scratching due to movements on the lower surfaces.