Laser Tube cutting and Shaped

We offer the best machine on the market for laser tube cutting.

Investing in the best technology on the market gives us a unique value for our clients, offering the highest productivity currently available in Spain and a unique level of flexibility.

The quality of the items is also guaranteed by a tail spindle, effective aspiration that collects and removes most of the swarf and smoke generated during the machining process.

We can make cuts on closed and open profiles, special and customised profiles cut without problems.

Hollow section profiles with non-standard shapes (round, square, rectangular) have proliferated over the years.

We can machine special profiles and also open profiles without needing special tools.

With this latest laser cutting technology, we can cut any type of material including reflecting materials: iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass.

  • Camera scan, to compensate for the errors generated by bent tubes
  • Can machine profiles of up to 152.4 mm diameter
  • length of load 8.5 m
  • Length of cut up to 8.5 m
  • materials: iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass
  • We design specific and unique profiles for our clients

This great latest generation technology, added to our laser cutting machines, folding machines, TIG-MIG robotic welding and auxiliary welding gives us very high production capacities, maintaining and ensuring quality, the seal that identifies our daily work.

With the advance of Industry 4.0, we are implementing intelligent solutions with the latest R&D+i technologies, software with digital intelligence that, applied to all the manufacturing processes, creates a positive impact not only on production and quality but also on the end price for the customer.

Therefore, our company is ready for the market’s most stringent demands.