Robot Mig welding

Creativity as the way forward

Our R&D&I Department (Research, Development and Innovation) designs tools built from a metal sheet by a mechanized process with laser cutting. The design and the manufacturing process are created from the Skeleton System, a very precise, fast, and ultra-low-cost technique.


Speed Expert Mig System

We have advanced techniques in the welding process to avoid possible deformations by applying our Speed Expert Mig System

Advanced technology

We have very fast robots, rotary tables and synergic welding machines consisting of pulsed arc welding


At your disposal

We use intelligent programming. Feel free to contact us without obligation

The highest level of specialisation without competition

We specialize in making accurate parts at very good prices and we work with thin metal sheets or small parts

Maximum quality

We easily automate the welding process for your products with top quality results

High Accuracy

Experience and mechanical logic to economize and guarantee extreme accuracy tools